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Prayer Ministry

Do you want to experience the power of prayer? Want to know first-hand the benefits of prayer and spending time with God? Want to know if prayer really works? Prayer is one of the greatest gifts and privileges we have as Christians. It’s God’s gift of his time to be available for conversation at any time of day or night. His gift to listen to your heart, and to answer in ways beyond your comprehension.

We host a weekly prayer time on Thursdays at 6 p.m. at the church. Additionally, there are some special prayer meetings that occur overnight, traditionally starting at 9 p.m. on Friday nights to Saturday at 5 a.m. Please refer to the church's Events calendar for more information.

Women's Ministry
The mission of the Women’s Ministry at HFCC is to glorify God as we gather, give and grow.

Gather together in fellowship while having fun learning about one another, helping others in need, and supporting members. Give of ourselves with our varied gifts, for the greater good, by following God's word. Grow in sharing our love, seeing the truth and knowing God is with us.
Marriage Ministry

The Marriage and Family Ministry at HFCC is led by Cary and Anise Braggs. Married for nearly 22 years, they actively share their wisdom to fortify the bonds of others. Additionally, as the founders of Legacy Marriages — an organization devoted to enriching marriages — they extend their passion for fostering strong and lasting relationships beyond their church community. Cary's role as an elder at HFCC further exemplifies their commitment to spiritual guidance and community leadership.

Reach Youth Ministry

REACH YOUth is a ministry birthed out of a vision to reach young people in our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the past 15 years God has used a lot of prayer, love, basketball, and Bible in the gym at HFCC to begin building up a generation of Kingdom leaders. Better known in the community as “the church”, REACH YOUth exists to be just that; the place where young souls can be exposed to Christ, encouraged in Him, and equipped to follow Him in the world wherever they go. 

Mid-Week Bible Study

Join us for a weekly study of God's Word, led by Dr. Tom Browdy. The Life of Christ, The Miracles: Thursdays 10:30 a.m., September 7 - December 14, and continues in 2024. The miracles of Christ will be examined in chronological order. From turning water into wine to a great catch of fish after his resurrection. Material will be presented online and reviewed in class at the church building. Each week in class we will also review one of Christ’s teachings as found in his parables, as well as his life events. Link to course outline.

Music Ministry

Music was divinely designed to move and inspire us. HFCC’s Music Ministry supports our worship service, helping leadership and the congregation serve God with the gifts he’s bestowed upon them musically. We start our morning services off with a variety of music, from older hymns to current-day selections. We close our services with music as well, inviting everyone to sing along and worship how they feel most comfortable. We also have a church choir that performs during special events at HFCC. 

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