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The Defeat of Satan

Dr. David G. Hoke

Revelation Series #14

Rev 20


  1. (On Earth) THE BINDING OF SATAN (20:1-3)
    POSTMILLENNIALISM - believes that Christ will come after the 1000 years have taken place. The gospel will be preached to all the world and this will lead to a 1000 years of peace and righteousness prior to his return at the conclusion of history.

    PREMILLENNIALISM - maintains that Christ will come before the 1000 years begin. Despite attempts to Christianize society, things will become worse and worse, and in the last days the Antichrist will gain control of human affairs. Only the catastrophic return of Christ can inaugurate the golden age of one thousand years of peace here on earth.

    AMILLENNIALISM - regards the 1000 years, like other numbers in Revelation, to be symbolic. Instead of being a literal period of 1000 years, the expression refers to the time extending from the first coming of Christ to his Second Coming.

    Det 1:11, Ps 50:10, 2Pe 3:8
  2. (In Heaven) THE SAINTS WITH CHRIST (20:4-6)
  3. (On Earth) SATAN'S DEFEAT AND DEMISE (20:7-10)
  4. (In Heaven) THE LAST JUDGMENT (20:11-15)
    1Co 15:26, 2Pe 3:9

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